Wootton Country Players


Above: Graham Pavey as Judge “Wise old man”

Right: Allyson Cable as “Sydney Grimm” the TV reporter.

Josh Kirkup as “Mr B. Bad Wolf” with Jamie Kirkup and Paige McRae as the “Wolfettes”.

Defending counsel “Evil Stepmother” (Sue McKeating) and (right) Prosecuting counsel “Fairy Godmother” (Donna Settrey).

Left: “Red Riding Hood” (Imogen Nurse).

Right: “Grandmother Hood” (Andrea Simpson).

Left: “Bill Woodcutter” (Joel Kirkup).

Above: “The Three Pigs” (Albert Willoughby, Emily Kirkup and Chloe Richardson).

Left: “Old Shepherd” (Josh Heard)

Right: “Boy who cried Wolf!” (Cara Dadley.

Left: “Miss Muffet” (Harriet Holden).

Right: “Big B. Wolf” pleads for mercy.

Written by Alec Strum, Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur. Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Eaglewood, Colorado.

Directed by Emma Richardson.