Wootton Country Players


Marj (Caroline Forrest-Holden), Edna (Joyce Halpin) and Irene (Andrea Simpson) in Slim Chance.

Anne (Emma Richardson), Irene (Andrea Simpson) and Betty (Bryony Young).

Donna Gansbuehler-Settray played Jean, the long suffering organiser.

The youth group performed ‘Bad Reception’ by Paul Vincent - A short comedy, where two children are put in charge of their school’s reception desk for the morning. One of the children starts to act as the Headmistress and causes chaos, and things spin out of control.

The younger members performed ‘The Enchanted Wood’, adapted by Emily Kirkup - Three children enter a magical land at the top of the Enchanted Tree where they make friends with some unusual, magical characters.

Left: Irene (Andrea Simpson) shows what happens if you take dieting too far.....

Below Left: Nervous Louise (Victoria Warren) says her husband wants her to lose weight!

Below: Sporty Debbie (Emily Kirkup) arrives.

Debbie decides to liven things up a bit, but it ends badly....

The all-important “Weigh-in”....

Brandon (Josh Kirkup) and Calvin (Asher Kenyon) wind-up Ricky (Josh Heard)...

Left: Josh Heard also played Mr MacFee with Bryony Young as Miss Hitchins...

Below: Emily Kirkup played the headmistress Miss Collins.

On the road with Dad (Josh Heard), Mum (Bryony Young), Fran (Harriet Holden), Joe (Joel Kirkup) and Beth (Chloe Richardson).

In the woods....

Jamie Kirkup being angry as “The Angry Goblin”!

Silky the fairy (Imogen Nurse)....

Moonface (Josh Kirkup) acted as the narrator for the play.

Right: Bryony Young playing Dame Tickle, playing a school crossing warden!

Below: Mason McCrae as Saucepanman with Joel Kirkup.

Top Left: Silky’s home.

Above: Jamie Kirkup as the Candy Seller.

Left: Jamie again as the Angry Goblin!

Programme for the three plays.