Wootton Country Players


Puss In Boots cast during the finale song.

Above and left: Queen “Grim” (Graham Pavey).

Below left: Sandy Crevice (Andrea Simpson) and Princess Fiona “Grim” (Donna Gansbeuhler-Settrey).

Below: King “Grim” (Joyce Halpin).

Left: Muddles the Jester (Josh Kirkup) and Hemingway the Cat (Alice Grandidge).

Below: Colin (Emily Kirkup) with Hop, Skip and Jump (Page McCrae, Harriet Holden and Chloe Richardson) and Princess Fiona.

Right: Buck (Becky Ireland) and Shilling (Emma Richardson) - Thunderclap’s “tax collectors”.

Left: Thunderclap The Ogre (Roy Taylor) and his sidekick Newman (Dave Manyweathers).

Right: Newman gets a pie in in the face from Muddles.