Wootton Country Players


Poster for “Bedroom Farce”.

Country Players

Bedroom Farce

Directed by Wendy Field.

Wootton  Village Hall September 13th 2013

This is not the easiest play to stage since it involves three bedrooms.  However the Country Players with much ingenuity, were able to construct three excellent bedrooms which reflected each couple’s personality. This set was well thought out, the change in action from one bedroom to another was very slick.

Wendy was able to use a strong cast who were well matched.   All gave convincing confident performances.  The pace of the action was good. Wendy had also carefully plotted the ‘stage business’ which added much to the comedy of the piece.

Delia, Caroline Forrest-Holden and Ernest, Graham Cole, were very well matched.  These were two believable performances which brought out the long standing domesticity of the couple. Graham’s dryness and sarcasm was an excellent contrast to Delia’s exuberance. Jan, Nicola Hickson, and Nick, Guy Quint, were another well matched couple. Guy’s groans and complaints were very well done and humorous. Nicola was an excellent counterpoint as the practical no nonsense wife. Their scenes together had pace. Malcolm, Gary Mc Ewan, and Kate, Donna Gansbuehler-Settrey were an excellent contrast to Delia and Ernest.  Here was a couple just starting married life. They showed clearly the excitement and desire to please, of newly weds. Gary was excellent as the somewhat incompetent Malcolm, his facial expressions and physicality perfectly suited the part.

Tim Dillistone as Trevor, and Alice Grandidge as Susannah were very convincing as the dysfunctional couple. Alice’s attempts at self confidence exercises, her whole demeanor, epitomised the character.  This was a sympathetic interpretation which nevertheless contained much humour. Tim’s Trevor was also convincingly exasperating and innocent, not an easy feat to achieve. His  attempts to be friendly and honest were doomed to failure. He was the main cataclysm for the disasters of the evening. He played this role well, it could so easily have been overplayed, but this was a controlled and well considered performance which was very effective.

There were some well directed comedy moments. The fight was good, Jan and Nick’s bedroom acrobatics were well choreographed and amusing.  I particularly liked Garry’s physical performance. He brought so much humour to very simple events like falling asleep and waking up with a dead arm.

This was an entertaining evening, with a strong cast who performed well but much credit must be given to Wendy for orchestrating the ‘stage business’ with much ingenuity and comic effect.

Enid Cooper

NODA Representative

District 1

Nick (Guy Quint) and Jan (Nicola Hickson).

Malcolm (Gary Mc Ewan) and Kate (Donna Gansbuehler-Settrey).

Delia and Ernest (Caroline Forrest-Holden and Graham Cole)

Trevor (Tim Dillistone) and Suzannah (Alice Grandridge).

Review by Enid Cooper, NODA.